Where do you want your business to be in a year?

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Transform Your Business

Energize Your Life

If you are like many of the Business Owners, CEOs and Executives I meet, you envision…

Transforming your business into a growth engine positioned as a leader in your industry
Creating plenty of new clients, new products, better relationships driving higher profitability and ROI
Developing an entrepreneurial, high-performance team – engaged, accountable, effective
Being more focused, productive and confident, taking bolder steps to achieve greater results
Achieving Personal Renewal – greater freedom, independence and balance – less stress, more time to enjoy your life
Securing an abundant income from a business that will thrive in any economy
Feeling deep satisfaction knowing you’re respected by your Customers, Peers, Team and Family

“Build an Extraordinary Business and Life…”

You deserve to be valued and recognized for the expertise you offer. And achieve the results and income you seek – with more freedom and fun.

I know you are passionate about achieving success and making a meaningful difference in your business, your family, the world.

But, if you’re like many of the Business Owners, CEOs and Executives I meet, you’re probably struggling to grow your business in a profitable and predictable way. Research has shown that the majority of business’s are unknowingly stuck in one or more of eight ways.

Does this sound like you?

• You’re tired of losing out to the competition
• You’re overwhelmed with the details so you fail to strategize
• Your mediocre marketing is leading to results that are small and disappointing
• You’re frustrated with erratic business volume, not selling enough
• You’re confused about which Marketing and Sales strategies to employ
• You’re concerned about costs eating up all your profits
• You’re still doing what’s not working as you don’t have an effective plan
• You’re tired of still thinking “I can do it all myself.”

If you’re fed up with settling for less and hungry to have greater success, then you’re in the right place.

“Pathway to Growth…”

My Pathway to Growth could be your perfect next step. This is an exclusive mentoring program that provides the most comprehensive level of guidance and support to help you grow a lucrative business and outstanding career.

Here’s a peek at what you get.

Achieve laser focus around your vision and opportunities to propel your business and career forward – Gain Clarity & define where and how your growth will be achieved
• Develop well-defined, executable strategies and solid infrastructure that produces the results you’re aiming for
Sharpen decision-making, gain greater control and compress time to market
Rapidly grow your business with a mixture of more ideal clients, better relationships, new products and markets – all driving higher profitability
Reduce stress, by creating a high-performance team, fully engaged and accountable
• Grow a “best-of-breed” business and career, doing work that fills you with passion, inspiration and energy
• Become the Leader and Entrepreneur you were born to be – Think and Play BIGGER
Create peace of mind – confident you have a solid plan to accomplish your business objectives and achieve balance in your personal life

From Tired, Frustrated and Struggling to Energized, Confident and Abundant.

And much, much more!

Hi, I’m Rich Kohler. As creator of Pathway to Growth, I work with Business Owners, CEOs and Executives who want to boost sales, productivity and profit in an increasingly competitive, slow growth environment. I specialize in helping Executives of Mid-Sized Aerospace and Industrial companies to:
– Gain clarity and intensify focus on where and how to accelerate growth, and
– Heighten their control and freedom as they strengthen organizational performance.

The Kohler Consulting Group (KCG) helps clients accelerate performance through Growth, Renewal and Transformation as they face some of their toughest challenges: slow growth, innovation breakdown and increasing globalization.

KCG provides Business Growth Strategies, Marketing, New Business and Leadership Development. We develop practical customized insights that clients can act on, and transfer skills that make change stick. We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor. So we integrate private long-term Business & Executive Coaching and Corporate Training to build our client’s capabilities to unlock their business full potential. Business growth in any economy.

My core belief: We live in a world of abundance, and it is the best time in history to be in business.

Together, let’s increase velocity and translate your business goals & ideas to operational reality and positive ROI.

If you want to shift into high-growth mode and go further, faster, then take the next step…

Apply for a Total Business Clarity Breakthrough Session

I’d like to offer you a complimentary “Total Business Clarity Breakthrough” Discovery session. When you apply, you’ll get the chance to speak personally with me. It will be focused and it’ll get you moving forward fast.

We’ll work together to:

GET CRYSTAL CLEAR on your vision and the results you want to produce
• Identify your #1 BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY to add revenue and profit to your business – right now
UNCOVER the ROADBLOCKS – what’s holding back your growth, from making more money, you and your team from performing better
• Define a clear ACTION PLAN to achieve full potential – your vision of business and personal success
• The #1 STEP YOU CAN TAKE now to get started

I will make a professional recommendation with specific next steps to accelerate your growth and transform your business to what you really want. And we’ll see if you’re right for the Pathway to Growth – only a limited number of openings.

You’ll leave the session RENEWED, REENERGIZED and INSPIRED to move your business and career into the next phase of growth, success and prosperity.

The number of sessions available is limited and they get booked up fast, so please apply only if you’re 100% serious about expanding your business and dramatically increasing your results.

If you know there’s another level, and want to play a much bigger game in life and business, request your complimentary session with me now!

I also recommend, prior to our session, you click here to take the complimentary Growth Acceleration Assessment which covers 5 key areas of your business.

These “Total Business Clarity Breakthrough” Sessions get booked up fast. Enter your information right away.

I look forward to supporting you and celebrating your huge success!

Rich Kohler, Creator of Pathway to Growth

Call: 480-766-1772 or email us us.