Attracting Your Ideal Customer

You’ve probably already determined that the “wrong” customers can make you broke. They are the ones that want top quality at the lowest price. These people are not interested in working with you for your mutual benefit; they’d probably be happier if slavery were re-introduced and if you were their first body.

So how do you find a sufficient number of good customers to build yourself a strong and profitable business in which it’s a joy to work?

The first step in the process may sound a bit simple, but it is as easy as drawing up a list of the characteristics that your present (and past) best customers have in common.

Here’s a simple step-by-step process for winning great customers whenever you want them:

1. Define the essential common attributes of the very best customers in your industry. Those may include:

* Annual sales value

* Number of employees

* Corporate structure (private or public company, Government body, etc.

* Management mindset (progressive, oriented towards investing in their people, etc)

* Location

* Market sector

2. Where do they gather:

* Do they frequent certain associations, events, conventions or clubs?

* Do your ideal clients tend to locate their businesses in certain locations?

* Where might your advertising or promotions be more likely to be seen by your ideal client base?

3. What do they read or watch:

* Magazines, newspapers, blogs, eNewsletters

* Certain TV or video channels or sites

4. Survey candidates to discover what they are looking for in an ideal supplier:

* Once you have identified your ideal client, select the cream of the crop, put together the 10 most important questions you could ever ask them, and survey a sample of them. You’ll probably get some “bites” in the process, as well as some invaluable data on what type of information, products or service you should be promoting to these folks.

* Resolve to advertise in the media that your ideal client is most likely to use – and nowhere else!

5. Create a contact system that is low effort, easy to maintain:

* In this age of information overload you don’t gain “mindshare” for your brand or product until you have had at least 7 varied contacts with an individual person. You also need to establish a process whereby your best prospects will be contacted by you on a regular and varied basis, so that when they are actually ready to buy (or consider buying), you are there in their field of attention?

* If you find your target is not ready to buy, a follow-up frequency or sequence should be established and not exceed every 10-12 weeks.

6. Create a fast response system:

* No point in creating a great contact system if you the blow the opportunity when someone responds.

* Define what to do and say before you get your first response then make sure that anyone else in the business that is likely to take an incoming response, knows what this is to heighten the likelihood of success for both you and your new client.

7. Keep your promises!

* Last but not least: Make sure that whatever experience, service, outcome or feeling you promised during your marketing and promotional phase, is delivered intact, perfectly and completely. You might read this and say to yourself, “Yep, that sounds right, but who’s got the time to do all of this?” The answer is simple: Those business owners or executives who have realized that working for the wrong customers just keeps you busy and broke, and have decided to do something differently will make the time to create the type of process I’ve outlined here; and then make the resolution to apply it.

If you choose to become one of those, stand by for a whole different customer experience!

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