Customer Satisfaction – the New CXO

Everything starts with intention…. we intend to carry through on our projects, plans, and goals. Otherwise, we wouldn’t set them, right?

But how many of us actually put our intentions into practice? This is where knowing exactly what to do really matters. It’s like anything else… losing weight, assembling a product, learning a new skill. You have to know what you are doing in order to save time, money, and frustration.

As a Business Owner or Executive your time is valuable. When you are spending time with your customers and discovering what it is that they want you to deliver, you are hopefully tracking and making plans to deliver these. If you don’t follow through, everyone’s time is wasted… yours, the customer’s, your team’s.

However, you need to take the next step moving from from intention toward implementation.

The ultimate Customer Experience doesn’t just happen. It takes some planning to design service into your processes. So who is responsible within your organization to ensure that the plans and ideas you have don’t languish without implementation? When there is a leader for who is responsible and accountable for these plans, the likelihood of success increases all around.

Your Customer Satisfaction Officer should be the one to help keep your operations focused on the customer and to ensure that all customer centric projects are kept on track. This person will also ideally have the authority to assist in any way possible and/or obtain the resources necessary to accomplish your goals.

They would also be the one to address the area of customer centricity during your team meetings. Customer issues, service, satisfaction and training need to be an integral part of your team meetings. This can best achieved by beginning your meetings spending 10-15 minutes on the Customer Experience.

Customer satisfaction, often overlooked, can be an integral element to maximizing your profitability and success. More thoughts to come on giving it the attention it deserves.

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