Setting Goals and Achieving Them

I ran across a comment from a man who had built a nationally-recognized company from an almost disastrous start-up. The comment was on how goal setting played in his success.

When asked, “Did you formally set goals when faced with that huge challenge in your early days?” he said, “No, I just wrote down in my notebook the targets (profits) each area of the operation had to generate, and I drove and drove until I got those results. I suppose you would call those goals!”

In essence, he met the basic criteria for a goal: He had:
1. A date
2. Precision
3. Positive statement of the end result

Goal setting is like a sailor crossing a windblown bay in a small sailboat that is subject to the tides, currents and wind, who takes the precaution of picking a landmark on the other side of the bay against which he can check periodically. With the landmark fixed in mind, it matters little in which direction the boat might be blown or carried in any single moment just so long as he is always tacking towards their landmark.

My goals are my landmarks. They stop me drifting too far off course and so I  keep them right in my line of sight.

So, where (and what) are yours?

Need Some Ideas? Here’s a possible list for you and your business. Read them carefully and if they strike a chord with you – adopt them, share them with your partners and team.

This year I’m going to …
1. Give myself and my family the priority we deserve, which is priority 1-2-3.
2. Communicate more with my family because my successes and failures directly impact them. Besides, I know they’re genuinely interested in me and what I’m doing.
3. Concentrate on my health because a burned out or dead ‘me’ is no good for anybody and a sick ‘me’ places a burden on others.
4. Be a doer … that is, doing the right things at the right time.
5. Say thanks more often and smile when I say it.
6. Not make a promise unless I can keep it.
7. Utilize my time effectively.
8. Plan my day in advance, and then stick to the plan.
9. Actively look for opportunities.
10. Implement a regular program of calling my customers or clients … just to say ‘hello’ and to let them know that I appreciate their progress.
11. Concentrate on pleasing my existing customers and absolutely loving my big customers.
12. Concentrate on building up my ‘average sale’ by actively up-selling, cross-selling, down-selling!
13. Concentrate on the rule of a ‘penny saved is a penny earned’ and look for cost savings in every area of the business.
14. Communicate more with my staff.
15. Get everyone in my business to ‘do it right the first time’.
16. Schedule regular meetings with my staff to inform them of what’s going on. I’m going to tell them what’s going right as well as what’s going wrong. Above all, I’m going to get them involved, and seek their views and suggestions.
17. Look for people doing things right, comment on their good performances, and reward them appropriately.
18. Delegate more to my staff. First, I’ll find out whether they’re suited to the role and then, I’m going to train the ‘hell’ out of them.
19. Get serious about training … I’m going to train my team into a superior unit.
20. Make my team proud to be associated with my business or division … and I’m going to be mighty proud of ‘me’ when I achieve all of my goals as well!

Finally, I’m going to keep a positive mental attitude and I’m going to be a motivator of others.

Found a few that resonated with you? Then set a date and put them into action!

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