Boosting Productivity – It’s About Time (Part 3)

Continuing on from Part 2, some more tips to make the best use of your valuable time.

Daily Planning
• Take more time for the systematic planning of each day.
• Each day prioritize an action list each day.
• Make complete use of your planner by planning, recording, cross-referencing.
• Keep long-range, prioritized, written goals in your planner and refer to them each time a daily action list or unassigned action list is prepared (The three types are 1. Time Management, 2. Personal goals with the company, and 3. Personal life goals).
• Make a list of the “comfort zone” ideas, people, physical locations, reading, actions, and food, etc. to which you gravitate that are inappropriate.
• Do at least three things daily to leave your comfort zone.

Long Range Planning
• Plan long-range goals as far into the future as you can anticipate.
• By a given date, write, refine and prioritize your unifying principles. Evaluate your personal performance against these principles.
• Review the mission and goals of the company and department at designated times.
• Write, refine and prioritize personal goals with the company by a given date.
• Refine your goals using a standard of excellent performance.
• Refine all written goals, making them, so far as possible, specific and measurable.
• Write personal goals with a balanced perspective so that they include the areas of professional, financial, physical/recreational, social, intellectual/cultural and spiritual. Refine and priorities these goals.
• Write sub-goals to the life goals by raising the question, “How can I cause each of these goals to happen?”
• Build continuity in goal planning by preparing quarterly, monthly and weekly goals from long-range goals, and the daily action list from all of these.
• Share your goals with others and have them encourage you – hold you accountable.
• Occasionally ask “What is the greatest threat to my survival professionally, socially, spiritually, financially, intellectually and physically?”

Avoiding Procrastination
• Prioritize an action list every day, seven days a week, in your planner.
• Set a deadline for each task.
• Do the most vital tasks now.
• Do the most difficult task that is vital first – Eat that Frog!
• Stay with it until it is done.
• Plan interruptions away from your vital priority time.
• Chain yourself to the desk until the overwhelming vital priority is finished.
• Select the best time of the day for the type of work required – work to your rhythm.
• Use your secretary or others to reinforce your vital priorities.
• Turn the difficult task into a game.
• Allow some open space for flexibility.
• When you bog down, leave the project until your energies are renewed.
• Don’t sit on projects.
• Institute a personal quiet hour.

Achieving Results…With Goals
• Always ensure that a goal can be achieved.
• Accept what you cannot change as a fact of life.
• Reward yourself when a goal is completed or achieved.

Reducing…Time Wasters
• Say “NO” when a request is not vital.
• Note and determine what routines might be changed to your and others advantage.
• Reduce socializing time.
* Limit TV viewing to the “vital few.”

There you go – alot of possibilities to select a few to start implementing. Is being more productive worth the effort – I think you’ll find it surely is.

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