A Different Kind of Peer Networking

Have you ever looked at your business from an outsider’s perspective?

A useful business analysis tool involves a Market Research process which includes calling a number of a businesses’ customers and suppliers to understand how they view the strengths and weaknesses of the business from their own unique perspective. This is often a very eye opening experience and provides a sound basis to work with a new client on.

Often the feedback is completely new to the client, sometimes it is something they are well aware of but never believed customers would notice!

This process can also be replicated by “Networking” with a group of your peers and allowing them a tour of your facility to review in their own minds what you are doing and how you go about your business.

This does not have to be limited to just the physical or operational aspects of your business, but can include your telephone answering, your staff’s presentation and manner, product presentation, signage, even the overall presentation of your facility.

Once the tour has been concluded you can ask each person to write down “three things they individually observe that you do really well, and three things that they believe are lacking or need attention and can be done better.” You can include a lunch to disseminate the feedback, critique key areas to focus on and brainstorm ideas for each other’s businesses. Maybe even schedule a follow up tour for the not too distant future to ensure that changes are actually being made and followed through on.

What a smart way to make practical use of all those mind-numbing, time-wasting networking functions that you feel obliged to attend!

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