All That Glitters Is Not Gold

As a business owner, executive or entrepreneur, there are a lot of “bright shiny objects” out there distracting us.

While the holidays can pull our focus away from work…as it should be, year-round innumerable distractions come into our inboxes every day. There are interesting requests that may capture our attention, but won’t further the ultimate goals of our business. We need to be careful not to get off-track employing the latest fad or acquiring the latest and greatest piece of technology that we don’t actually need.

If bird dogs are not trained to focus on a specific game and hold point, all of a sudden, they can get distracted, and run off in a different direction to chase it. They lose focus, and their goal slips away. Sound familiar?

Focus is key when you run a business, yet it’s so easy to be distracted by the shiny objects. That’s why I have developed end-to-end systems for myself and my clients that serve the primary focus of accelerating their business and personal success.

Hour of Power
The Hour of Power is a focusing tool incorporating three different hour-long blocks during the week, where one specifically focuses on creating the business structure you need.

Research shows that we spend most of our day picking off the easy or quick things, but not accomplishing our high-priority tasks. We’re chasing shiny objects and not working on the bigger vision that’s really going to move our business forward.

So to stay on track with what matters most, here are 3 concepts to deploy:

1. Choose your goal. What is the big vision that you’re moving toward? This could be creating a business structure that supports both client attraction and high-level client conversion, and retention.

2. Reverse engineer from your goal. Break down the steps toward your goal. What are the pieces you need in place to success? For example, it could be to map out your sales conversion process. It would contain all of the elements you would need to create so that you can turn interested prospects into invested clients in any situation.

3. Now, break down those steps into tasks and decide how much time each task needs. Consider breaking down projects into small enough pieces that they can be accomplished in 10-30 minutes, so you can accomplish three tasks per power hour. For example, rather than trying to complete a whole project in one hour, such as a key account strategy, instead you’d break it down into the first element, which might be to brainstorm three options to gain an introduction with a fellow colleague.

Then just turn off your cell phone, shut down your inbox, close your door, set your timer, and start on your first task. Three hours a week may not sound like a long time, but, you’ll be amazed at how much you can transform your business when you’re out chasing highly profitable activities, instead of shiny objects.

Combining Vision and Innovation to Create the Future

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