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I always found Andy Rooney’s (CBS 60 minutes) comments interesting. He liked to point out that despite their best efforts, people would end up with the opposite of what they were trying to achieve. Like the terms government intelligence – we don’t seem to have any, or tax-free benefits – so why do we need to pay taxes to get them. We seem to have the same problem in our Web 2.0 connected world.

It seems odd that with all the communication and information technology at our fingertips, living in a 24/7 world, we have become estranged from the very people who are essential to our success. It reminds me of the book, Women are from Venus, Men from Mars. Not sure I can solve that problem, but I think I can shed some light on us getting truly connected.

The popularity of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, My Space, etc.) points out the desire to connect, to be heard and to get an appropriate response.

  • Voters made their voice heard in the last election to a congress and administration that had gone astray.
  • Customers vote with their dollars and quickly move away from companies with inconsistent brand image, who lose touch with poor design, quality and service.
  • Employees no longer desire management, but require leadership and connection. It is said that employees don’t quit companies, they quit their bosses. Too often they work to survive, yet we were made to thrive.

When executives lose focus on their customers (reason they are in business) and connection to their employees (the strength and vitality of their business) they have lost their way and begin the inevitable decline into mediocrity. While man has developed technology, unimaginable to people even a generation ago, it is still the need for close interaction and connection that satisfies the deepest need – “you are important to me.”

There is a lesson to be learned as to why small business and entrepreneurs foster innovation and create jobs while big business struggles in this regard. It begins with connection – to an unmet need, focus on delighting the customer, a bond with their employees that they are making a difference.

Connection – the old fashioned way.

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