Quick Tips to Be Much More Productive – Part 3

One of the most valuable assets you have as a leader is your time.

The same goes for your Team, your colleagues and your family.

Unfortunately, we don’t give it the same level of attention as we do to the myriad of other things we do in our lives. So time just kind of slips by, and we do not maximize our use of it, or our impact.

This the 3rd in a series of quick tips for you to choose from to help you regain control of your time.

I suggest you review the following, and select five or six of these steps a week and include at least one in your Daily Planner List.

Think about what it means to accomplish this step in your mastering of time. Another idea, is to keep track of where your time kind of slips away on you over the next couple weeks. You might be surprised…maybe even horrified.

Preoccupation … Alertness … Energizing

1. When explaining an unfamiliar point, make comparisons

2. Be aware of when you are tapering off from peak levels of performance. At that point, shift to another vital priority be on time to meetings, appointments and scheduled events

3. Reduce the overlong visitor stay

4. Reduce the overlong telephone call

5. Accumulate telephone calls and handle them at a time when the chance of getting through is most likely

6. If you have a secretary, use him/her to screen incoming telephone calls and drop-in visitors

7. When a visitor stay is too long, have a co-worker or secretary interrupt you

8. Establish an appropriate balance between vocational work and management work

9. Retire early and rise early

10. Get the necessary sleep each night, but no more than is necessary

11. Be sensitive to the vital priorities of others around you

Remember, time is our friend – not our enemy – and by using it wisely, we get to do more of what we like.

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