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The Kohler Consulting Group (KCG) provides business growth strategies for ambitious companies and individuals who want to maximize their results and impact as they face some of their toughest challenges: growth, innovation, globalization and transformation.

The Growth Challenge

Only one in 10 companies succeeds in achieving sustained growth, while most businesses don’t operate at their full potential. A new study cites that 2/3 of all companies, will face an additional challenge in the next decade: what to do when their growth formula of the past is approaching a limit. And for those organizations who think they can buy growth, 70% of major acquisitions fail.

What are the sources of corporate growth? According to an analysis of more than 750 companies around the world, a large company’s top-line growth is driven mainly by market growth in the subsectors and product categories where it competes, and by the revenues obtained from acquiring other companies. Surprisingly, a third source of growth, the gain or loss of market share, explains only around 20 percent of the difference in the growth performance of companies. These findings suggest that executives ought to complement the traditional focus on execution and market share with more attention to where a company is—and should be—competing.

CEO Perspective, Building the Growth Strategy

Deciding on where to compete, when to play and how to win to is necessary to drive a business to full economic potential. This includes identification as to what it will take to win in terms of organization and capabilities.

Starting from a chief executive’s perspective, we develop insights by asking the right questions, and then dig deep to unearth the most compelling challenges and right solutions. It starts by defining why your company is successful, to ensure that strategic decisions are built on a solid platform of positional and proprietary advantages. In these volatile times, we also need no reminder that the world is uncertain, so strategy needs to be designed for multiple future scenarios. Great strategists also know that one of the most important decisions is “when to compete.” Our strategy methodology produces a portfolio of moves that allows your company to develop a winning formula over time.

With an approach and solution that is highly customized to maximize value, we help clients decide where they want to go, when to compete and how to get there.

We look for value across boundaries, develop insights to act on, build tailored solutions that deliver results to allow clients to drive growth, enhance brand image, market position & profitability to sustain success.

KCG has worked with both small and midsize privately-held firms, as well as Fortune 500 Companies, providing deep global functional expertise gained across multiple industries. Our efforts have focused on the organization’s most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions. Capabilities span:

  • Organizational, leadership and environmental assessment.
  • Vision creation, strategic planning.
  • Business, market & customer strategy.
  • Product & technology strategy.
  • New market & new product development.
  • Regional business development.
  • Fortifying the product portfolio thru acquisitions and strategic alliances.

And we don’t stop there. We make sure those decisions are implementable: that is, be achievable, affordable and focused to translated quickly into action.

Your success is important and we are committed to understanding and growing your business. We offer client services is the area of  Business Strategy, Marketing & Customer Strategy, New Business Development. For information on how we have assisted others: Client Impact.

To serve you better, Kohler Consulting Group maintains a number of specific Business Alliances. This allows us to provide the same high level performance techniques and tools that Fortune 500 companies employ.

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