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Companies often struggle with their strategic management and planning processes. They might find it challenging to reconcile short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals, or have difficulty building the capabilities needed to execute their strategies. We helps companies strengthen their strategy development processes, enhance overall strategic decision-making, and improve execution.

Growth strategy is core to what we do, where growth is measured in terms of revenue, cash flow and value creation. Through creative solutions and clear insights into how to create value, we help businesses focus on how to out-execute and out-invest their competition, and ultimately generate greater returns.

It begins by defining the profitable core: most differentiated, strategic capabilities, critical product, service offerings. New opportunities are then ranked based upon market strength and revenue potential. Growth options include:

  • Creating new sources of revenues, via adjacencies: new distribution channels, customer segments or geographies – without stepping out too far.
  • Discovering undervalued, unrecognized or underutilized assets that can serve as new growth platforms to renew the core.
  • Navigating into emerging markets.
  • Renewing company strategy and capabilities, investment approach.

Strategic portfolio management requires companies to generate growth through investment in existing businesses, developing or acquiring new businesses, and exiting unprofitable ones. Doing so effectively requires taking a comprehensive approach to resource allocation. Where multiple business units exist; portfolio priorities can be determined by assessing capabilities and competitive position, leadership potential, market attractiveness and economic profit in light of the evolving marketplace.

Mobilization efforts are then focused on evaluating challenges to implementation and results by addressing risks, constraints, people and capability gaps from the beginning of the strategy process.

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