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Though 70% of major acquisitions fail, some organizations need to evaluate this option to advance their core business to help them do what they do – better. The benefits of a well thought-out M&A strategy can be a source of competitive advantage—especially in turbulent times.

We help companies improve their odds of successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.

An important question: “How will buying this asset make my existing business more valuable, and how will I bring value to the asset I am buying?” There are several additional key questions companies should think about as they define their approach to M&A:

  • What levers can I pull to create value from the acquisitions I pursue?
  • How can I take advantage of the current market conditions through M&A transactions?
  • How can I identify untapped opportunities in developing markets?
  • How do I manage the execution of the deals I pursue?
  • How can I make M&A an integral part of my strategic planning?

The best acquirers improve their odds of success in the following ways:

  • Consider M&A as an extension of their company’s growth strategy, the primary purpose of M&A being not to grow big fast, but to advance the core or do what they do better.
  • Develop clear view on growth opportunities and M&A needs.
  • Plan for opportunity long before it arises by creating a pipeline of priority acquisition targets.
  • Build M&A programs around frequent, deal making and focus on small acquisitions initially adjacent to the core business before setting sights on larger targets.

KCG operates as an objective, fact-based partner that can help ensure a company’s M&A plan is the result of a carefully developed corporate strategy—not simply a reaction to external pressure to do a deal. Our approach is strategy driven, not deal driven, and we reserve the freedom to say no to a deal. We assist clients throughout the process of pursuing acquisitions, alliances or joint ventures:

  • Strategy development or developing the strategic logic for acquisition or alliance.
  • Screening and selection of potential targets.
  • Estimating likely sources of value creation.
  • Providing support in the negotiations, bidding, and final decision.
  • Implementing the subsequent post-merger integration or alliance formation.

Your success is important and we are committed to understanding and growing your business.

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