Architecting and Creating the Future

Situation – while following a strategy resulting in substantial market share growth, new market opportunities were required. A review of market trends pointed to the emergence of more efficient aircraft and continuing growth of integrated electronics, both offering higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions desired by Airline Customers. To execute its growth strategy, an acquisition was pursued.

Challenges – During a strategy review it was noted the acquired firm was following a more narrowly defined strategy than desired. In order to achieve desired targets, it would need to compete on a broader scale. In addition, it would require strategic initiatives and innovation that would help it successfully compete against industry leaders.

Actions – Created vision, focused market research and competitive analysis, architected strategic plan, directed multi-national teams in regional business development, market penetration, market share & operating margin expansion.

  • Established corporate vision, pinpointed gaps, organic growth, alliance and acquisition options with Senior Management Team. Conducted industry environmental assessment and competitive analysis defining competitive strategy and positioning.
  • Architected, executed Blue Ocean strategy, intensifying industry market research, competitive analysis, shaping key product, marketing strategy, JV formation initiatives. Achieved increase in new product development spending.
  • Envisioned approach to harness current capability and establish portfolio of “green products.” Conceptualized marketing strategy, developed new product plan, implemented global acquisitions.
  • Defined strategic marketing initiatives, organic growth, acquisition options to exploit opportunities within $3 B market segments. Executed global market research effort, defining market trends and customer positioning in current and emerging product areas. Crafted marketing, product positioning strategy


Growth Strategy & Leadership Accomplishments

  • Captured $200 M/yr emerging global “green” new product opportunities, executed acquisitions.
  • Supercharged international market position, propelling division toward $175 M/yr sales growth.
  • Revitalized core business, targeting growth within core market, market adjacencies to $2 B.

Insights gained

  1. Incorporating customer strategy into environmental assessment provides another useful view of the market.
  2. Moving from incremental approach of Red Ocean Strategy requires one to rethink everything.
  3. Green products possess additional benefits beyond traditional monetary values.
  4. Becoming too focused within a market segment over time can significantly limit shifts into others.

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