Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

Transform your business. Advance your career. Achieve that next level of success.

The Kohler Consulting Group (KCG) provides business and executive coaching for ambitious companies and individuals who want to maximize their results and impact. Whether a business owner, executive, self-employed professional or non-profit executive, coaching can unleash potential and help achieve greater results.

A recent research study from Stanford University and the Miles Group pointed out that the use of a Business or Executive Coach not only provides significant benefits, but is becoming more accepted as a tool. For an excerpt from that report read What Business Leaders and Executives want from Coaching (PDF). The following is a clip from George Schmitt, CEO of Google on the value of business coaching:

As a certified and “street-wise” business and executive coach, we work alongside clients to guide their businesses to achieve long-term, profitable and sustainable business growth in any economy. In addition, we help them pursue balance and personal growth: better leadership, team building, communications skills, job satisfaction and quality of life.

Our mission is to be the partner of choice to business and individuals to accelerate their competitiveness as they face some of their toughest challenges: growth, innovation, globalization and transformation.

Achieving Business and Personal Growth

In business, the only thing that really counts is results. High achievers continually deliver results, and they do it by performing at their best each and every day. The fact is:

  • High performing companies enjoy more market share and generate more profit.
  • High performing teams deliver more.
  • High performing business leaders and professionals achieve more.

To stay competitive in an increasingly competitive business world, peak performers are looking to the knowledge, strategic insight, guidance, support and motivation of an business or executive coach to accomplish this.

Coaching also provides the opportunity to achieve:

  • Enhanced clarity on organizational, professional and life goals, plans for their achievement.
  • Increased productivity – focused time and energy on priorities.
  • More effective networking ability to attract new business development opportunities.
  • Greater confidence, ability to bounce back from professional setbacks.
  • Stronger, more effective professional relationships.
  • New coaching skills to guide and develop your team, achieve their best performance.
  • Improved health coupled with reduced stress.
  • Greater income potential and time to enjoy that success.

Surveys report that coaching provides a good return on investment:

  • 92 percent of the participants were highly satisfied with their coaching experience.
  • 90 percent of the participants agreed that coaching was a good investment of personal time and organizational resources.
  • 86 percent of the participants agreed that the individuals and the organization were benefiting significantly from the coaching.
  • An average ROI of $5-7.00 for every $1 invested.
  • For more information on the significant benefits of business and executive coaching look for them under Client Impact.

Coaching is a flexible process that is designed to accommodate the needs of the busy business owner, executive or professional who has constantly changing demands. It helps the individual see themselves and their situation more clearly and achieve a higher level of accountability. Our approach to delivering value.

Your success is important and we are committed to understanding and growing your business. We offer Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Team Coaching. In addition, Speaking and Training options can be provided to meet your needs.

To serve you better, Kohler Consulting Group maintains a number of specific Business Alliances. This allows us to provide the same high level performance techniques and tools that Fortune 500 companies employ. We are pleased to offer assessment instruments specifically designed to help individuals and teams obtain critical feedback, measure knowledge or strengths and identify preferred behavioral or communication styles. These can lead to new discoveries and potential areas of professional growth.

Achieve your goals faster. To move to that next level of performance and success, contact us today.

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