Business Coaching Options

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Business Coaching
The business leader desires to gain new perspectives about how to operate their business at the optimum level. They may also be required to implement company strategies and supporting tactics to include: adoption of a new business strategy, lead the organization through great change, or the onset of a major change process. The role of the coach:

  • Acts as a sounding board to assist leader to anticipate, understand and respond to change.
  • Help the leader think through and take action on real business issues, develop their own leadership skills and competencies.
  • Compliment other strategic and process initiatives by enabling the leader to interpret, digest and integrate a number of initiatives and move toward action.
  • Encourage and support the leader to think – providing the time and space for personal reflection.

Business benefits include:

  • Greater capacity for new ideas and fresh thinking.
  • Improved clarity and focus around the strategy and tactics to achieve success.
  • Improved decision-making and execution.
  • Strengthened communication and delegation skills.
  • Leaders feeling more in control over events.
  • Renewed confidence, energy and enthusiasm.

A special program for professionals or micro businesses to achieve similar benefits, can be designed to catapult them into a new level of thinking to drive real and tangible results in multiple areas.

Executive Coaching
Designed for top leaders who want to honor their commitment to continuous personal development. Aimed at increasing leadership effectiveness to create the right follow ship and foster a culture of accountability. Used to enable the leader to achieve success, however the individual defines this, by developing a realistic understanding of where they are and creating momentum towards their goals.

All leaders ultimately stand alone when dealing with their boards, their senior leadership team, key customers, employees and shareholders. At times, there is a need for an unbiased and trusted advisor to partner with that sits outside of the hierarchy, has no personal agenda, can expose blind spots and provide a perspective critical to disciplined decision making, integrity, authenticity and execution.

Several scenarios apply:

  • Need to deliver significantly greater business results, implement M&A or restructuring process.
  • Desire to enhance aspects of leadership style and capability.
  • Need to close the gap identified through feedback process (360 assessment, performance review, etc.)
  • Newly promoted to leadership role or appointment of a new CEO.
  • Leader is confronting work/life balance issues, reflecting on underlying values and motivation.

Business benefits derived:

  • More effective, motivated and personally satisfied leaders focusing on results.
  • Greater chance of success and focus for newly promoted leaders.
  • Investment in the individual is protected by supporting and ensuring the leader’s success.
  • Measurable changes to leadership effectiveness and/or observable differences in behavior.

Team Coaching
Assists a new team as it begins the process of working as an effective unit to enhance team effectiveness and accountability. Business benefits provided:

  • Team that is accountable and meets targets.
  • Team that understands and values the diversity and difference is team member styles.
  • Team where each individual has deep understanding of what he/she must contribute to achieve the team’s goals and overall effectiveness.
  • Team that maintains focus and is not derailed by internal conflicts, external interference or poorly defined goals.

Speakers, Workshop and Seminar Leaders

In business your long-term success depends more and more on continuous creativity and consistent innovation. As public speakers, we challenge you to make this happen as we participate in conference and business forums. Services can include: Facilitation, Company and Management Retreats, Training. As an important platform for your business, we work to define an agenda that meets your needs. We work to uncover the facts and the feelings in your business. What stage are you at? What challenges do you have at the moment? What is holding you back? Then we move on to tackle the issues with you in close collaboration.

Presenting on topics related to Strategy, Goal Setting, Revenue Growth, Profit Improvement, New Business Development, Executive and Organizational Productivity & Effectiveness, our speakers provide you with clear action steps to help you initiate the changes in your business straightaway.

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