Delivering Value Through Coaching

Working Together, Committed to Your Success

Business and personal gap – the distance between where you are to where you want to be.

Whereas consulting places more of the effort on diagnosing organizational challenges, conducting analyses, and defining solutions on the consultant, business and executive coaching requires the client to actively engage in these areas, as well as draw your own conclusions and set your own direction for achievement and success.

For many successful business people, having a business or executive coach has become integral to the delivery of the highest level of personal and organizational performance. We provide an independent, objective viewpoint in terms of barriers and obstacles to growth. Our coaching methodology then incorporates powerful and effective, and a highly tested combination of practical processes, tools and techniques to achieving an immediate, relevant and positive impact.

We incorporate one-to-one coaching, by far the most effective coaching technique employed today. Unlike peer advisory boards, the coach is solely dedicated to meeting your business challenges as you build and implement your strategy for business and personal success. Each coaching engagement is also customized to the specific and exact needs of each client. This focus creates greater value.

From initially identifying strengths and issues, the coach helps to define the big picture and gain clarity: present situation, desired goals and the gap. Ideas are generated, possible obstacles and needed resources are identified, and a plan of action is developed to unlock potential and close the gap. Then we work with you to embed the knowledge, process and skills to enable you to pursue a clear and appealing vision for your business. Together we’ll explore strategies for initiating the changes to push your business and professional skills up to the next level. We coach you through the changes, and we continue to support you and your team with mentoring workshops and further training.

You’ll see clearly where you are now and how to achieve the commercial and cultural outcomes to move your business and your capabilities forward. With clarity comes greater control, increased confidence and a new found energy toward achieving results.

Focus on Delivering Value

We offer an innovative perspective on what needs to be done to help move business strategies, business leaders and teams to the next level. For the leader they include the ability to:

  • Anticipate the opportunities and challenges that will be created by changing market and customer needs.
  • Sharpen strategic focus and identify more business opportunities.
  • Build teams that are alive, resilient, and willing to hold themselves accountable to deliver on their commitment.
  • Focus themselves and everyone else on the actions to move forward.
  • Generate lasting business results consistently.

Our approach is both highly strategic and entrepreneurial – help the individual make better decisions to drive the overall direction and performance of their company and career. You will benefit from three areas of learning:

  1. Strategic and tactical problem solving.
  2. Leadership development – new ways of thinking and acting to be applied to numerous roles, events and situations.
  3. Learning development – new habits of self-reflection to ensure high-level performance continues after coaching ends.

Finally, you will gain new insight on how to be more creative and resourceful, while leveraging your own strengths and the strengths of your team to achieve better results on a more consistent basis.

We offer Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Team Coaching.

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