Strategic Alignment and Strategic Marketing Blueprint

This introductory program is designed specifically for the business executive who wants to take their business to the next level. It involves both introspection and charting the future.

One of the greatest blocks to business growth is lack of clarity regarding the true business in which it is engaged, and its actual level of performance. Every great leader will look at the realities of their business. They will ask themselves the tough questions and answer them honestly, knowing that this honest evaluation will many times mean the difference of surviving and thriving. With the clarity that honest answers to these questions deliver, today’s business leader will then develop clear answers and strategies to these foundational questions.

VISION – A DREAM WITH A PLAN – Most people don’t have visions, they have dreams. The planning document guides you to answer 7 simple questions around your dream – Who, What, When, Where, How, Why and the always difficult “but Should we or Shouldn’t we?” The end product is a Strategic Alignment.

TWO OVERARCHING IDEAS – Alignment and Simplicity. The planning document is designed to encourage simplicity (you must be concise and focused) and alignment. FOUR KEY DECISIONS:

  1. Long Term Goals, Core Values and Purpose
  2. Strategy to achieve them Long Term Goals – to include the “Stretch” Goal
  3. Short Term Focus – Critical Number(s) for the year and each quarter
  4. Getting the Right People aligned with the Core Values and Purpose, engaged in Strategy execution

If you get these decisions right, everything else falls into place much easier. And you’ll likely grow revenues at a rate greater than the industry average, have much higher profitability, and generate more cash. In addition, customers and employees will be attracted to your business.

The next step involves a Strategic Marketing Blueprint.

A great deal of money is spent on Marketing, yet most of it is ineffective. The shot-gun approach of following the lead of competitors, keeping up with the latest marketing fad, or done in frustration without a specific target and plan is destined to provide little, if any benefit. Spending money on Marketing is effective only when there is a clear knowledge of your target and a detailed plan of marketing activities.

A key step in Marketing is to clarify and define your “Ideal Prospect” – that individual or company who would be an ideal fit for your business. For Marketing to be effective, it needs to target the right people with the right message. Marketing also needs to be planned in such a way that it builds awareness and a relationship with your prospects where they are most likely to receive it.

The program offers two options:

  • Strategic Alignment: one page Strategic Plan.  
  • Strategic Marketing Blueprint: includes either creating your Marketing Avatar or Marketing Action Plan.

$1,999 each