Repositioning to Accelerate Business Growth

Situation – A leading, mid-size supplier of electronics for the global Aerospace & Defense market had achieved solid growth propelled by increased defense expenditures. However, as involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan ramped down and Defense spending was curtailed within the US and Europe, the outlook became cloudy given an uncertain and more competitive environment.

Challenges – Based solely on the current set of markets, products and capabilities, sales flattened and were inadequate to achieve desired goals. The business had plateaued. Additional avenues of growth: new market segments, Customers, products, technology, engineering capabilities were required. Moving up and competing at different levels in the value chain also required different technical expertise, Marketing and Sales strategies. A BIG SWING would be required, and a combination of organic growth and acquisitions would be needed to reposition the business and fully leverage its strengths.

Actions – Working with the CEO, Executives and Product Teams, reshaped the vision, sharpened focus, aligned product portfolio, drove innovation and change to accelerate sales and profit growth.

  • Initiated strategic review with CEO establishing business vision, strategic alternatives, growth objectives, key top-level strategies. Working with Executives and Product Line Leaders evaluated product portfolio, product line strategies, desired product positioning and investment priorities, business development initiatives to drive revenue and profit growth.
  • Architected Business and Product Line strategic framework to develop business and product level strategic plans. Conducted environmental scan of the Commercial and Military Aerospace and Defense market to identify emerging trends, End-Customer and Competitive strategies, impact and implications to the business.
  • Defined Product Line Strategies, Execution plans to improve clarity and focus around growth strategy – win content on key programs, accelerating growth into core segments, while diversifying into related ones that leveraged core engineering capabilities and market access.
  • Created Marketing and Business Development strategies and accompanying product line product/technology roadmaps to migrate up the value chain to higher level assemblies.
  • Assisted in the integration of acquired businesses to establish Product Line Management structure, Marketing and Strategic Planning and Execution efforts.


  • Achieved 47% sales growth, $25 M/yr.+ increase in gross margins instrumental in positioning business for successful sale.
  • Resuscitated dormant product line, 4 yr. growth projections of $21M/yr.
  • Established growth strategies for 3 newly acquired businesses, supported integration.
  • Eliminated non-productive Marketing and investment diverting attention from core market segments and product capabilities.

6 months from now, are you going to be stuck in the same spot – with the same challenges?

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