About Rich Kohler

CEO and Founder, Kohler Consulting Group

Helping Executives and Business Leaders to Accelerate Growth…

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams

Areas of Practice: Business Growth, Marketing and Sales Strategy, Leadership Development

Business Growth Expert Rich Kohler is highly committed to guiding passionate Executives and Business Leaders, especially high-achievers, to build lucrative growing businesses that are industry leaders and will thrive in any economy, so they can serve more clients, make more money and create an extraordinary business and life. He helps create clarity, intensify focus and build confidence within leaders who are looking for a powerful executive business coach who can guide them to address their growth challenge, lack of predictable profits and team work or non-existent time and work-life balance dilemma. A former Fortune 500 Executive, with 30 years successfully identifying areas that restrict sales and profit growth and pioneering innovation to accelerate it, his mission and commitment is to help Executives:
– Boost sales, productivity and profit in an increasingly competitive, slow-growth environment.
– Heighten their control & freedom as they strengthen organizational performance.

Rich’s path to Executive Business Coach, Strategist and Corporate Trainer became clear from the challenges he experienced in leading teams and organizations in accelerating growth, and watching other leaders fall into the same trap. “I made good money as a corporate executive, but the passion and employee engagement seemed to be waning – something was broken.” He got tired of seeing individuals and businesses operate at far below their full potential, and sought out leading-edge strategies to revive a company or career that is struggling.

Acutely aware of the pressures on leaders to improve results in an increasingly competitive, slow-growth environment, Rich helps them to think strategically, plan effectively, execute and deliver successfully. Through FocalPoint International and Brian Tracy Global Training, he employs a unique, proven systematic approach, and has a variety of world-class coaching tools, techniques, curriculum and corporate training to approach any leadership challenge.

A life dedicated to solving challenges, working smarter – his experience has shown that trying to figure it all out on your own can be a surefire way to boost stress, make mistakes, slow yourself down and keep yourself stuck. He knows how to get things done and doesn’t allow the excuses of being too busy and not having enough time get in the way of a client’s success in building a powerful business and life that excels in all aspects.

Creator of Pathway to Growth, Rich earned a stellar reputation within Aerospace and Industrial markets leading mid-size privately-held firms, as well as global Fortune 500 multi-nationals including GE, Eaton and Smiths PLC, as an “innovator and strategic growth expert.” His 30 year leadership career includes 10 years at the VP level. He is a Certified Marketing Executive, Certified Executive Business Coach and Certified Corporate Trainer. Rich holds an M.B.A. in Marketing Management from University of Chicago, a B.S. in Engineering from Southern Illinois University, and has completed both the Advanced Management Program from Duke University and the Global Management Program at American Graduate School of International Management. Rich is based in Phoenix Arizona, but works with a global customer base.

Rich is a successful business transformer, and if he’s the one that calls to you, call him at 480-766-1772 or contact him via email.

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