“Rich helped us build and install our Business Growth Strategy by establishing a disciplined approach to strategy formation and implementation. He worked closely with our Senior Leadership Team and Product Management Group creating a customized framework that closely met our needs. He helped us gain clarity, set stretch goals and then coached our Product Marketing Team in development of their strategies. We expect this effort will focus our organization on the right markets and right opportunities to accelerate our growth.”

Frank Bloomfield, Vice President
Transdigm Group

"Rich worked closely with me in my new role to create a new strategy and plan to accelerate our growth. He performed a top level environmental assessment of 4 key market segments to help identify our best opportunities for existing and new products. Then we focused on building robust product strategies. He also developed a strategy and framework to select and assess potential acquisitions. The plan which targeted a doubling of the business, was well received and approved by the Board."

Mark Brodeur, Vice President Marketing & Sales
Ultra Electronics

"Rich has a unique analytical ability to see through complex business, engineering and marketing issues. Not only that, he is able to make these issues understandable and logical, providing clarity where there is none. While working with Rich in challenging environments, I have found that he has an ability to go beyond the obvious to find practical solutions, marketing and business strategies. I have the highest respect for Richard.”

Lars Lindberg, President

"Rich and I worked closely together to reposition, restructure and grow our Electric Power business. He was my partner in defining product strategies and exploring joint venture opportunities, along with a break-out strategy to propel the business forward. Rich provided valuable background research and up-to-date perspectives into the overall aerospace and defense Electric Power market, competitive strategies with respect to specific situations, and has been highly instrumental in the success of the business."

G Austin Schaffter, Vice President/General Manager
Digital Device Corporation

"Rich has outstanding credentials in leading/shaping strategic plans, focusing on portfolio growth and innovation across the enterprise. I had the opportunity to work with Rich where we leveraged “Blue Ocean” thinking to grow our strategic position in a very competitive and international environment. Rich has a very strategic mind, excellent contacts everywhere, and has shown an entrepreneurial ability to get things done."

Paul Quaintance, Executive Director,Sales & Marketing

"Rich was integral to development of GE's Air Traffic Management strategy, and saw the intrinsic value of Naverus in the implementation of that strategy. In the course of interaction between our two companies, Rich presented his vision to us and described how we could be part of it. His detailed understanding of our market allowed him to lead the successful acquisition of Naverus, now a part of GE as he worked to build a portfolio of green technologies.”

Steve Fulton, Chief Technical Officer
Naverus, Inc

"Rich is a strategic thinker willing to question the status quo to develop innovative marketing strategies for the organization that he is supporting. He is very knowledgeable about the aerospace marketplace which allows him to understand emerging markets and apply this expertise to developing strategies and new product offerings."

Tracy Elving, Vice President - Lockheed Martin Account
GE Aviation

"During my time with Smiths and GE, Rich and I shared many challenges around implementation of strategies for profitable growth. Rich's contributions were always of value providing rigor and analysis to the sales and marketing teams. We worked together on M & A assignments where Rich had great insight and could always distinguish substance from froth. Rich proved to be a valuable colleague when it came to determining real strategic value in any given situation."

Peter Woolfrey, Grp Head Business Development
Senior PLC

"Rich was an invaluable resource and partner as we explored a potential joint venture opportunity. His marketing and product line management experience was extremely helpful as we built our business case."

Michael Roecker, Marketing Manager,
Lubrizol Corporation

"Rich is a seasoned industry professional who has a particular talent for maintaining a balanced high level view of ventures and opportunities. We worked closely together to enhance our product strategies and improve our global market position. He brings a sense of realism and practicality where others can get carried away with enthusiasm or fail to see opportunities."

Alasdair Anderson, VP Strategic Planning
Smiths Aerospace